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Wine Etiquette: As Told By Andre 3000

Andree 3000

Leave your wine an hour, It will open up, fruit notes become more fragrant, secondary notes both expose themselves and soften pleasently to the palate.

Leave your wine a day, and primary notes and tannins have softened, oxidation has taken effect, be it adding sherry or raisin like complexity.

Leave your wine three days, the fruit has gone, aromas oxidised to the point of ‘stale’ and you’re well on your way to having an overpriced bottle of vinegar.

Boys and girls, just listen to Andre.


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Cool Kids Love The Drop

love the drop

No ‘Cocktail of the month’,  wine is as timeless as it is fashionable, universally adored since the stone age. Over time and across cultures, it tells its own stories, speaks its own tongue and is never exclusive.

I love wine, I hope you love wine, and some of my favorite people love wine (do you know who they all are?)

It’s pretty cool.

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Get Some In You: Milton Shotberry Chardonnay

As if I couldn’t proclaim my love for Milton enough– I dug this sweet wee thing out after purchasing it yonks ago, and oh my, it did not disappoint, not one bit. Delish.af458decc1d611e2ae9022000a1f9a21_7 Milton Crazy by Nature Shotberry Chardonnay, Gisborne 2010

I’ve gone off Chardonnay recently- the world went crazy for it and, and with craze came bulk plantings, planting still dominating in locations suited SO BADLY for the grape, no naming names. What’s worse with this craze- particularly in NZ- was oak. So much oak. So bad that the term ‘oak bomb’ was thrown around with every second wine off the shelf. I even had a lady come up to me with a Chardonnay I had served her, telling me I had poured her a Sauv- no Miss, this was a Chardonnay, It just was only partially aged in oak- It was probably more pure to the grape than any Chardonnay she had drunk in her life.

The world had been Oak-bombed.

But back to the point- amongst all this craze, there was a place that did its fad fuelled plantings just right- the Mendoza region of Argentina- and what came from this was the Shotberry clone- small intense and aromatic for a grape usually renowned for its ‘Subtle’ character  to be then planted in James Miltons organic, sun drenched Gisborne vineyards.

Ripe and full of fruit forward flavors- bright and ripe peach and nectarine zested up by lemon and a tingly acidity, but also softened by sweet blossom aromas. Its balanced, fresh, full of flavour and easy drinking but interesting that makes for a wine completely enjoyable  but not too much for a summer poolside indulgence (I wish)

PS, How alty is that label? Alty as hell is correct.


Get it in you through the Gisbrone Cellar Door, Online at Milton.co.nz or Pretty much Everywhere in NZ

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