Youth binge drinking takes a classy turn

Rouge Sucette

Enhanced to taste like Cola and name that literally translates to “Red Lollipop”, the newest offering from French brand Haussmann Famille has my inner sugar crazed 13 year old singing.

Present day 19-year-old me isn’t so impressed. At 9% abv made from just 75% grapes with the remainder water, sugar and cola flavouring “Rouge Saucette” makes up the same kind of RTD potion that is being slammed (and rightly so) for the horrific rates of youth binge drinking in New Zealand, and also, come on France, you are far to classy to be making shit like this.

The marketers behind it all should be giving themselves a pat on the back- they’ve hit the bullseye in creating an intermediate drink for todays “Coke Culture” – Rouge Saucette is drowned in fat-tastic sugar with that flavour we all love as to mask any signs of alcohol for youth drinkers that just aren’t quite use to it yet? wonderful.

I know I’m taking a very bitter turn on this wine (which it legally can’t even be called!) as the art of mixing cola and red wine goes way back as a popular mix in Basque Country, a kind of fun ‘red wine spritzer’. But putting it in a pretty bottle, labelling it as a lollipop and selling at less than $5 NZD a pop screams desperation for sales with a side of disservice to wine, I can’t even handle it.


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