Lindauer is my Home Girl


Week two of my professional wine knowledge course- and how I see my ‘Toxin of Choice’ has changed astronomically.
I was always scared that with knowledge, the mystery of wine that I devoured would turn to clarity, and the fun diminish. But now the more I learn, the more I want to know- there are 1368 grapes of course- and it’s not just the grapes that evoke the magic of my so beloved tipple, everything that touches vino is so much more than my young eyes could even imagine seeing in the world of wine.

And young eyes they are, considerably younger than the rest of my tutor group – and no longer is my wine for admiring glass one and two, devouring three and four, forgetting five and six.


Really, could I ever let go of that?

We may shit all over Pinot Gris, smirk after a wine is declared ‘very drinkable’ during tasting, or share anecdotal disgust at every Lindauer bubbly ever released (Lindauer Champagne anyone?)

But in RL The Ned Pinot Gris is inhaled with absolute delight, and Lindauer Summer is my home girl.

Aromas, Tanins, Acidity, Body, Sweetness, are IN-EXISTENT without booze, and unless your drowning your sorrows or are a dried up old booze hag, booze is best consumed with a side of company- wine connoisseurs or not, good quality wine or not, it should be enjoyed either way, a winelife I may live, but if a social occasion comes calling, and the bank account isn’t loving live to the full, its not going to be let down by an avvy vino, or a less than avvy vino, or maybe I’ll just stick to some RTDs, but pray to lawd not.

In Piemonte, Italy – a region regarded for its absolute respect of the Nebiollo grape (death sentencing for stealing a vine sound all good?)- no home is complete with out a bottle on the table- cheap, blended, sub quality vintages but worshiped all the same- for the tradition, experience and custom of getting friends and family together around the table.

Best friends, poolside with my traditional cheep, cheerful and oh so drinkable Summer is no exploration into the complexities and layers of a Prosecco DOC, but like life- wine really cant take itself too seriously can it?

Taste is objective, and snobbery isn’t an attractive quality on anyone, I rather my friends jolly, fun and, for richer or for poorer, under the influence.


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